Finally WhatsApp has launched Sticker Chat Support

If you are a chat freak guy then emoji is not the ultimate way to express yourself. You need an animated sticker. Every top line chat platform like Facebook Messenger has already launched sticker functionally and today WhatsApp has launched sticker support. Mean now you send stickers to your friend and family while doing WhatsApp chat.

As like other previous WhatsApp feature you don’t need an invitation to get sticker support on your WhatsApp. Stickers are pretty cool and better than gif image. Stickers are neat and clean. These stickers are just an image at a size of 512×512 pixels with a transparent background having maximum file size 100 Kilobytes currently. Sending sticker on WhatsApp is as simple as sending emoji. To send WhatsApp sticker you need to just tap on emoji option then you will find sticker option just next to the emoji.

Taping on Sticker you will have cuppy stickers which are by default. Just chose your favourite stick and tap on it. It will be sent.

Same as the Facebook messenger you can add more sticker just by taping on the plus sign and downloading those stickers. Here you will have some other sticker available at the WhatsApp platform. Adding sticker does not end here. You can also add more stickers by installing third-party sticker app from Google Play Store. 

Sending sticker in WhatsApp is only available on the latest beta build of WhatsApp version 2.18.330. You need to wait for a stable release to get this sticker functionality or else download and install the latest build from here.

Finally WhatsApp has launched Sticker Chat Support
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