Fix-Searching in Google Chrome incognito language changes to regional language

We all love Google Chrome as it makes our browsing smooth and all that sync is very handy here. Though all new Microsoft’s Edge browser powered by Chromium web engine is promising. Google Chrome has a private browsing mode name Incognito mode and most of the people know it pretty well. Sometimes we really need to access the web through incognito mode. You just open the Google Chrome incognito mode and search something or opens any Google product like Google drive or Gmail and you have realized that Google search results appear in your regional language in spite of English.

For me, the Google search results come in the Bengali language whenever I searched through incognito mode. Not only Google search results, if I had open YouTube without logging in then YouTube opens in the Bengali language. Then I had to scroll drown and change the language from Bengali to English.

I was really frustrated with that language changes to Bengali as my regional language is Bengali in Google Chrome incognito mode. In a normal tab, it opens fine in English but while in Incognito tab the language change to the regional language, Bengali in my case.  It may be Hindi, Urdu, Tamil, Telegu etc for your case.

This is something that very annoying. Finally, I have come across a solution to fix this problem-automatically language changes to the regional language in Google Chrome incognito mode.

here is the in detail step by step method to fix this

  1. Open Google Chrome
  2. Click on the three dots on the right-upper corner of Google Chrome and click Settings
  3. Scroll down and click on Advanced
  4. Scroll down and Tap on Language drop-down menu
  5. It will show your regional language- for me here Bengali
  6. Click on the three dots of your regional language
  7. Now tap on Remove to remove the regional language
  8. Tap on relaunch or close the Google Chrome and open it again.
  9. Now search something on incognito mode. The Google search result will not appear in the regional language again.

This is something that you will not find on the internet and it will fix your problem. Now Google chrome would not switch to Bengali or any other regional language while accessing the internet through incognito mode.

Fix-Searching in Google Chrome incognito language changes to regional language
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