Free Download Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Beta For PC, Xbox 360 And PS3

If you are a gamer then I am sure that you are waiting for most anticipated game of this year BF4 or Battlefield 4. I have played its previous version BF3 and I really love this game. Having awesome graphics. But one thing that makes a huge wave in gaming market that is its online multiplayer  gaming. So everyone is waiting for BF4. But if you cant wait for this fps action war game then EA has nice gift for you guys.

Battlefield 4 beta

EA has launched a beta version of this game before the final release of this game. Not only this this beta version is available for all major gaming platform PC, XBOX 360 and PS 3. So whether you are a PC user or console users you can enjoy this game. As this is beta version so its free to download. You just need a origin id to download this game.

According to EA this beta version also featured with multiplayer option as they want to check their servers properly. This will proved them a smooth launch of Battlefield 4, which will be officially launch on 29th October on PC, PS4 and XBOX One. While for PS4 and and XBOX one you have to wait till November  12 and 19 respectively. Here I want to mention that beta version of BF4 will end on 15th October. So grab Battlefield 4 beta now.

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