Free Download Google Keyboard 3.0 APK For Your Android Device

Google officially launched their enhanced keyboard Google Keyboard 3.0 for Android devices yesterday. This new updated keyboard will look like SwiftKey, which is one of the most popular third party keyboards available in the Android market. But it’s paid. But scenario of this Google Keyboard 3.0 is it has too many new features.


Google Keyboard v3.0 for Android will use your app data from your installed, connected apps and service to make your typing experience more smooth and easy. This will enhance the suggestion and correction capability of Google Keyboard v3.0.  For the first time opening this keyboard you will notice the how to guide about Google Keyboard 3.0. And using the setting you can also turn off or turn on the prediction feature. Google Keyboard 3.0 stores this prediction data locally not in the cloud so you can delete all this prediction data by opening settings then disabling “personalized suggestions.”

So what’s new in this Google Keyboard 3.0? Except these typing features that I mention above. Google keyboard has more for you. This feature is somehow like Google Glass. You can make voice command like “take a picture” or “take a video” into the voice search box to open your camera and take the shot. Its really cool.

Hope you are impressed with the features of Google Keyboard 3.0. But you may face some problem to update your Google Keyboard as it’s still rolling. And for those people using Samsung devices I will suggest to try this Google Keyboard instead of boring samsung Keyboard.  Just click the download link to download Google Keyboard 3.0 and installed it like you do with APK files. Have a nice typing.


Free Download Google Keyboard 3.0 APK For Your Android Device here

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