Free Download Zorin OS 6 : Best Linux Distro For Windows User

If I ask you which OS you are using now then maximum people wil answer that they either using Windows XP or Windows 7.Basically we all are using Windows OS and 80%-85% people use this. And many of them using pirated OS but have you ask yourself that why you are using pirated os where free Linux OS is available. Some will say that they wana paly game so they use Windows but you can also run game in PC using wine or just making some research in net. But for the people who don’t play game , they will say that are used to use Linux so a new environment will be big problem for them. Then I have a special gift for them, and its Zorin OS,A Linux disro that is as same as Windows 7.You can say it just a copy paste of Windows 7 by look. Sp if you are hesitating to use Linux then try this. Many will advice you to use Ubuntu but I will suggest Zorin OS for the beginners who are used to use Windows.Thats why Zorin OS is Best Linux Distro For Windows User.

Zorin Os is free and its open source OS. Zorin OS is Debian type Linux distro, Ubuntu , mint are in the debian family. Being debian type OS Zorin is easy to use and its best Linux Distro For Windows User.

Why should you use Zorin OS?

Here I short list some feature that you should know about Zorin OS

1.Super secure:
Being Linux its secure and stable , so you don’t need any anti-virus tool.And being open source if some vulnerability or some kind security threat found then its patch or update comes in a few hours.

2.Much faster than your typical OS:
Zorin OS is much faster than Windows 7 and Mac and some windows program run much faster using WINE than Windows.

3.Out-of-the-box software:
Zorin comes with lots of software and you can download more software and maximum free so don’t need to worry about crack or key.

4.Zorin Look Changer:
You can customize your Zorin OS as Windows 7 or Vista even Mac or go back to normal Linux look.

5.Zorin Background Plus:
Using this feature you can set a video, audio or screensaver as as background image.

Zorin OS have three type one is free for personal use and other two is Premium and Merchandise and these are not free.And this free version or standard Desktop version of Zorin OS recently launched their version Zorin OS 6 Core ,you can free download Zorin OS 6 Core from here
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