Getting the Most Use Out of Your New Android Device

If you have recently purchased an Android device then you likely have some idea in mind as to what you intend to use it for.  But even so, there are many things that you do not even realize that you will use it for too.  It is difficult to understand the scope of the possibilities of Android capable devices before actually having a chance to use one.  A guide to the various features that such devices have is a good start to understanding its capabilities, but hands on learning is so much more valuable.  In order to get started with figuring your new Android device out, and getting the most out of it, a simple how-to regarding some of the features can go a long way.

·         Shortcuts – If you have ever used a computer then you are likely familiar with the concept of shortcuts, and the shortcuts on your Android device work much the same way.  The shortcuts are, of course, much smaller than those on a computer desktop but they serve basically the same purpose, which is to provide for a quick option to get to your most used features.  The best thing about shortcuts when it comes to Android devices is how customizable they are.  In addition, you can use shortcuts for a wide variety of tasks, including but not limited to, opening specific programs, connecting to specific websites, and performing certain tasks.

·         Searching – Searching on Android devices is simple and can usually be done one of two ways.  The first is a voice search, which is done by pressing the search button and holding it.  The second is to type in a search term and then press the search key.  Either way you will have to sort through the results to find what you want, just as you will have to do in any other search that you conduct on the internet.

·         Widgets – Widgets are essentially applications but lesser versions of the real thing.  It is true that you can get to them quickly, as they are most often on your home screen, but the convenience comes with a downfall as well.  The downfall is that widgets tend to use an excessive of amount of your Android’s resources, which is a deal breaker for many Android users.  Most Android users who utilize widgets only do so for those tasks that they perform the most.  Installing those widgets and getting to them is fairly simple at least, and requires only holding your finger on an empty space on the home screen and then selecting the widget menu and searching for your widget.  This is also how you get back to your widget after installation as well.

·         Applications – Applications and widgets are similar but definitely not the same thing.  Most Android users have a much longer list of applications then they do widgets, as there are not only applications for everything but many of them are free and easy to use too.  Applications tend to be stored within your phone rather than on the home screen, so they take a bit longer to get to, but in general they are just as simple to utilize as are widgets.  A simple search on your Android device will lead you to a list of the possibilities available in applications.

Some of the technological devices that are coming out these days are pretty intimidating, due to all the features available.  As long as you know how to learn how to use them, though, you will be using your Android device, and getting the most out of it before you know it.

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