Google has launched New Gmail User Interface: How to get it

Its been quite a long Gmail user interface has not changed that much. A few years ago Google had launched a parallel type app of Gmail app for mobile device name Inbox but that does not make any interest for people. Finally, Google has revamped its Gmail user interface for web users. In last one year, Google has been changing the UI of all its products. Like if you use Google Analytics, Google Adsense etc then all these have gone through UI change process of Google. Now Google has changed the UI of Gmail. The new UI of Gmail is quite impressive and handy for day to day usage.

Google has rectified what the most needed things while writing an email or checking Gmail inbox and the new UI of Gmail has all these features.

So what are the changes in the new UI of Gmail?

Once you have enabled the new UI of Gmail you will see the search bar on the top and the compose button on the top sidebar. All your folders and labels are available on the sidebar. Now you don’t need to open mail to check attachments as you can directly access it from inbox without opening that mail. Some of the great features of this new UI is it will remind you to reply or just follow up the mail by showing Received X days ago. Reply?” and “Sent Y days ago. Follow up?”

Compose window is pretty awesome. You can use computer-generated reply to avoid typo mistake and save time. This new UI also alerts you if you receive any suspicious potential risky emails like This message seems dangerous. It might be trying to steal your personal information. Don’t click any links unless you trust the sender.

Last you can now access three great apps of Google from your Gmail. You don’t need to open in a different tab. By default, this new UI comes with three add-ons and these are Google Calendar, Keep and Task. You can schedule your task or fix appointments asap you read email and make a mark on the calendar or you make a note and save it to Keep. You can also make to do work list on Task.  

If you still not happy with these add-ons then you can add your own addons by clicking get add-ons plus mark.

So how do we will get this awesome UI of Gmail?
  1. Open the Gmail website. Sign in to your Gmail account.
  2. Click on the Settings or gear icon in the web interface.
  3. Click on the “Try the new Gmail”  to get the new UI of Gmail.

If you are not happy or your internet makes it slow then you can roll back to classic Gmail UI by clicking the gear or setting icon and choose Go back to classic Gmail.

Google has launched New Gmail User Interface: How to get it
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