Google Map Added 360 Degree 3D Street View Of Taj Mahal

Though there are iOS Map and Nokia’s Here map, but still the innovative thinking of Goole Map makes it awesome. Google Map becomes a part of life like WhatsApp, Facebook. Whatever place you want to search just ask Google Map. But something that really makes Google Map awesome is 360 degrees 3D street view. And today Google Map added 360 degrees 3D street view of Taj Mahal and others famous monuments of India. Taj Mahal is one of the world’s seven wonders. It’s a symbol of Love. And now you can see this wonderful art form your home by Google Map 360 degrees 3D street view. And also you can also enjoy other Indian Monuments like a real view by the efforts of Google India And ASI or Archaeological Survey of India.

Taj Mahal 3D Street View

Google India ans ASI both teamed up for this joint venture project to make this 3D animation of street view. This makes you feel that you are present in that position. If you are viewing this from and 3D glass, then you will get the more real effect. Except Taj Mahal Google India and ASI created others nationally important monuments like Humayun’s Tomb, Khajuraho, Red Fort and Agra Fort, etc. There are more Indian Monuments in the list of 100 Indian famous monuments that Google India and ASI make it possible expose Indian Heritage and culture worldwide.

Taj mahal 360 degree view Google Map

The Google Map street view is not a new thing. Still now some selected country comes in the list of Google Map Street View like major portion of The USA, U.K, Germany, France, Poland, Brazil, Japan and Australia etc. As Google Map Street view  makes your country’s security vulnerable, that’s why in India its limited to well known monuments. So that anybody can see how great is Indian culture.

As Google Map is accessible from any device whether its PC or Mobile or Tablet. And now Google Map has its own App on Maximum platform. From this point also its good that everybody will be able to enjoy Indian Monuments like Taj Mahal.

So how to see 360 degrees 3D street view of Taj Mahal or other Indian Monuments?

Step 1: Just search the monuments that you want to see.

Step 2. Now click over it

Step 3: Then click on more to select “Street View”

how to see 3d view google map


If you feel its too lengthy process, then for direct 360 degree 3d views of Taj Mahal on Google Map click here

So why you are waiting for just back pack on your computer tablet for a great journey of Indian Monuments including Taj Mahal on Google Map. Bon Voyage! 😛


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How To See 360 Degree 3D Street View Of Taj Mahal

360 Degree 3D Street View Of Taj Mahal In Google Map


Google Map Added 360 Degree 3D Street View Of Taj Mahal
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