How To Add A Program At Startup

How To Add A Program File At Start Up , as many of you know how to remove a program from Windows start up using ”msconfig” .But if you have a program and you want to start it at Windows start up as you want to add it in msconfig start up option then you have to do a little trick.Lets follow..

Step 1> Let your program file is cyberkey.exe, open it.
Step 2>Now open Task Manager and find that program in Application tab and right click on it and click “Go To Process”.
Step 3>Again right click and click Properties and get the path of that program , it may be something like this C:\Program Files (x86)\cyberkey\cyberkey.exe save this in a note pad.
Step 4>Now go to run and type


Step 5>You will get registry editor , now go to this
hkey local mechine>software>microsoft>windows>current version>run
Step 6>Just right click there and make a new string value like this.

Step 7>Now edit the string value by right clicking on it and select Modify like this.

Step 8>Now just paste the path of your program from note pad and click “ok” that you save in step 3 like this.

Step 9>That’s done now your program will open at start up.

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