How To Buy Best External Hard Drive

The Tech world is the fastest growing sector. What is new today, become out-dated tomorrow. Every device is getting faster and better and in this process, memory size becomes the most significant factor that’s makes us worry. We are living in the era of 4K and 2K. Every multimedia content takes big memory allocation in your system, whether it’s a movie or a game. Not only movie or computer games, even latest Xbox One games are taking up as much as 60GB in your 500GB. So whatever the internal memory size of your PC or Xbox One is not enough. You need an external hard drive to make some space in your internal storage.


Now when it comes to external hard drive you should buy a quality Hard Drives as you are going to keep your very important data on it. But how to know which external drive is good and how to buy an awesome external drive? Here I am going to tell you that you must look on some factor or specification before purchasing an external hard drive. Here are the factors you must consider for any external drive-

Storage Capacity
In market external drive is available in various memory sizes. Before purchasing, you must know your requirement. You love to make collection of games and movies then 500GB, 1GB or 2TB is decent for you. If you need documents or office purpose, then you can look bellow 500GB.

USB Port

USB port is another factor you should check. USB 3.0 is much faster than old USB 2.0. Which means you can read and write external drive faster provided your system supports USB 3.0. So go for USB 3.0.

Power Source

An external drive needs a power to operate. This power either comes from your system via USB port or a dedicated power adapter. The problem with the second one is not portable so I will recommend you to go for an external hard drive can take power via USB from your PC.


Speed is the last but not the least factor you should consider. The Speed of any hard drive is measured by its disk RPM or revolution per minute. Normally hard drive comes with 5,400 RPM disk speed, but if you need faster external hard drive, then you can go for 7,200 RPM or 10,000RPM disk speed.

Finally, I want to add on my personal experience that please check the warranty period before buying an external hard drive as the hard drive is hardly repairable so more the warranty period more the benefit.


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