How To Change Start Screen Background In Windows 8

Start Screen or Metro style is the center of attraction of Windows 8 ,it not just have a cool look but the user interface or UI is more advance though I think it will be much better if you are using Windows 8 in tablet PC or in touch screen.Its floating like apps makes your life easier.As i previously said that Windows 8 does not have Start button but Start Screen , though you can bring back start button in Windows 8 if you are feeling uneasy to use Windows 8.From some days my friend ask me how to change or customize the Start screen background so i think to write this post about editing your start screen background.Here is the method to Change Start Screen Background In Windows 8 and its very easy.

Step 1. Go to your start screen. 
Step 2. Keep the mouse cursor at the right-down corner on magnifying glass like icon.
Step 3. Now click on Settings.

Step 4. Now click on More PC settings.

Step 5. A new dialog box of PC settings will open ,select personalize  then select Start Screen.

Step 6. On choose background option you can customize background design.
Step 7. Selecting change background color you can edit the background color or start screen.
Step 8. You don’t have to save anything or click apply , just exit it the new design or color will apply.

Its nice that we can customize start screen color or deign ,but i will be pleased if there any option so that i can set my own photo or wallpaper as start screen background.But still its good that you can change background color and design.So if you are using Windows 8 go and change its start screen background or change the metro style background.

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