How To Copy Error Message In Windows

How to copy error message in Windows.Many time we are just fucked by error massage from Windows and we try to search the solve in Google by just pasting the error massage.If it is a just error code then its easy to search but if it is a long text message then it become hard as you can’t copy the error message just selecting by mouse as it is not a word editor, so what to do ? read the bellow method .

Step 1.Download this software by clicking here
Step 2.Now if you get a error message just run the software 
Step 3.Click and hold select the text that you want to copy 

Step 4. Release the left mouse button and the text will be copied to the text box within the program.From here you just need to highlight the important text and copy it. The copied text can then be put into Google or another search engine to find more information.

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How To Copy Error Message In Windows
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