How to Download Video from Hotstar on Android Phone

Normally we don’t download from Hotstar but in case you want to download a video from Hotstar then I have already shown you how to download video from Hotstar in your PC. But if you don’t have PC then you can also download Hotstar video on your Android phone. In this post, I will tell you how you can download a video or movie from Hotstar on your Android phone. As the downloading video from Hotstar in PC is not that much simple people asked me how to do that job in Android device. So here is the method.

How to Download Video from Hotstar on Android Phone

  1. Download and Install Videoder App
  2. Open Videoder app and you will find Hotstar as well as other sites like Facebook YouTube etc
  3. Tap on Hotstar to open Hoststar inside Videoder app
  4. Now browse the video you want to download
  5. You will see and Download button, just click on itDownload Hotstar Video Android
  6. Once you click on it will fetch the download link depending upon video quality
  7. Just tap on any of video pixel quality you want to download
  8. It will pop up a window so that you can rename the download file, just tap on downloadDownload Hotstar Video On Mobile
  9. It will start downloading the file, you can pause stop or cancel the download also.
  10. Once the download process completed you can play the mp4 via any media player.
How to Download Video from Hotstar on Android Phone
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