How to Download Web Series or Movies from Hoichoi

If you are Bengali then you probably heard of Hoichoi. Hoichoi is Bengali web series streaming site like Netflix. Like Netflix, you can watch different types of Bengali web series as well as movies. Recently hoichoi has become very popular across the Bengali internet users. I am not a big fan but I have loved the byomkesh series by hoichoi. So as like all the streaming site, the first question strikes on our mind is how to download video from Hoichoi?

Like video download from hotstar, the Hoichoi video downloading was not easy. But recently I have got a way to download web series from Hoichoi as well as movies. Here in this article, I will share how to download videos from Hoichoi.

This is possible due to a site. Thanks to the site owner and developer. Before I share the link of the site please read the full article to make a step. Another thing is you can only download an episode at a time. You can’t download the whole season at once.

  1. Open Hoichoi
  2. Now click on your favourite web series
  3. You will see like this
  4. Now right click on the episode that you want to download and copy link address
  5. Now open this website and just paste the link
  6. Just hit on submit button
  7. It will process show you a video. Just play it
  8. Once it starts playing, right-click inside the video and choose to save video as
  9. Click on save to start downloading the video
  10. Once it completed downloading process you can play the video via any media player.

Hope you will like this trick to download video from Hoichoi Bengali web series site and special thanks to that website.


How to Download Web Series or Movies from Hoichoi
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