How to Enable Dark Mode in Facebook Messenger App both Android & iOS

We are all getting addicted to smartphone moreover Social media app. On daily basis, we waste a lumpsum amount of time. The new technology does not have control over this. Technology can help you to change some parameter so that we get benefited. Dark mode is something that really helps us to less stress on our eyes and saves some battery of our phone.  After YouTube,  Facebook has officially launched dark mode for  Facebook Messenger app on both Android and iOS.

What is dark mode?

Dark Mode is something like a blackboard, you write on it with white chalk. Mean the whole display of your phone gets dark themes. A few years back OnePlus has introduced Dark UI so that when you are accessing phone settings or any other thing than any app then the phone gets a chance to save some energy or save some battery. This is because some popular social media apps are adapting dark mode in their UI.

Recently YouTube has enabled dark mode. Twitter also has a dark mode. Now Facebook has officially launched dark mode in their Facebook Messenger app. Mean if you are chatting while lying down in your bed in the night then your eyes will get some less stress and your phone will be able to save some battery.

Now I am going to tell you how to enable dark mode in Facebook Messenger. In Facebook Messenger setting option you will not found enable disable button of dark mode unless you activate it with some secret trick. You can say this secret trick is set up by Facebook intentionally so that people love dark mode.

So here is the step by step method to activate dark mode on Facebook Messenger. This trick applicable for both iOS and Android.

How to activate Dark Mode in Facebook Messenger App both Android & iOS
  1. Open Facebook Messenger
  2. Select any of your contacts to send a message
  3. Tap on Emoji and under Animal and nature you will find this crescent shape moon or banana shape moon
  4. Now sent this crescent shape moon emoji to your friend
  5. Once you have sent that emoji you will get pop up like showing You’ve found dark mode!
  6. Just tap on it to access Facebook Messenger Settings
  7. Now it will show enable disable button of dark mode0
  8. Just turn on or enable the dark mode just by swiping right. It will turn your whole messenger dark
  9. If you want to disable dark mode then you can easily do just by taping on that dark mode button.

To enable or disable dark mode first you need to activate it through this method. Once you have done now you can enable or disable dark mode in Facebook Messenger just by going in settings option. Now chat in dark lighting condition with dark mode so that your eyes get less stress and your phone battery last longer. Hope you will like this dark mode, now I am waiting for WhatsApp dark mode. Yes, there are so many modded WhatsApp app in which dark mode available but waiting for official release of dark mode.

How to Enable Dark Mode in Facebook Messenger App both Android & iOS
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