How to free up disk space automatically on Windows 10

Nobody likes red filled hard drive partition and when it comes to C drive where you have installed the Windows OS you will hate it. We should be careful that C drive has proper free space, but day to day work and installing lots of app and software the free space decreases day by day. But here still you can free up lots of space automatically in Windows 10. Windows 10 has lots of awesome features and this is one of them that I liked very much. Windows 10 has a feature name Storage Sense that makes it possible to free up disk space automatically.

Whenever we found that our Windows 10 running slow the first thing we do is clean up disk to free up disk space. We often do it manually deleting or using a third-party software.  Here Windows 10 Storage Sense feature works like a charm. Storage Sense deletes those temporary files automatically which not only free up disk space but also improve performance.

Windows 10 Storage Sense feature also deletes those files which are in Recycle bin for more than 30 days that we often forget to clean.

Windows 10 Storage Sense feature is really great for those people who download file for a temporary need. As Download folder on of the overgrowing folder in C drive. Storage Sense uses its Sense to short out which are the inactive or not changed files in 30 days, once it figured out it automatically delete those files from the download folder. But you disable this option.

So how can we use this Storage Sense feature in Windows 10? By default, this feature is disabled by Microsoft. You need to enable this Storage Sense feature to free up disk space automatically in Windows 10.  Here is the way you can enable Windows 10 Storage Sense feature.

How to enable Storage Sense feature in Windows 10
  1. Press Windows Key + I  to open settings
  2. Click on System then click Storage
  3. You will find Storage Sense option just enable it
  4. To configure auto file deletion rule click on “Change how we free up space”
  5. Now you can configure according to your need
  6. At last, don’t forget to Clean Now button if you are really on low volume disk space

This is a great feature in Windows 10. In our busy life, we have no time to delete files. Moreover, If You use your PC for commercial purpose like a cyber cafe or in an office where there is no value for an old file then you can allow Windows to delete the 30 days old file automatically through this Storage Sense feature.

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