How to Get Products to Your Customers Quickly

If you own a small business, then you will know that there are certain things it needs to survive. This includes healthy cashflow, a viable market for your goods or services, an effective marketing strategy and of course, customers.

Without customers or clients, no company can hope to thrive. After all, they are the life source of any business. This means it is important to increase satisfaction and ensure customers are happy wherever possible.

To do this, as well as providing the best possible customer service, you could also consider fast delivery. But how can you ensure orders arrive quickly? Here are some tips to help your business.

Streamline Your Warehouse

The layout of a warehouse can have a huge impact on the efficiency of order dispatch. For example, if products are hard to locate or routes between areas are long, it can take a lot longer for orders to be packed and ready to ship.

To solve this, focus on warehouse efficiency. You can do this by optimising routes, training staff and tackling excess inventory. This will make sure orders are filled as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Be Realistic About Timings

While you want to offer your customers the best service, promising a delivery window that is not possible will lead to disappointment. As an example, offering next day delivery on international orders is probably not feasible.

As such, be realistic. Do not promise fast delivery if it cannot be done and be honest with customers about how long orders will take to arrive.

Last Mile Delivery

Often, customer satisfaction relates more to the final stage of the delivery. This is where last mile needs to be considered – this relates to the last portion of a parcel’s journey.

There are many ways to tackle this. Your last mile delivery options could include a home address, collection point, or a locker, to fit in with the customer’s lifestyle and ensure they can get their order as quickly as possible.

Consider Outsourcing Delivery

Finally, for businesses that handle their own delivery, it can be an expensive and time-consuming process. To resolve these issues, and to ensure orders arrive on time, you could consider outsourcing through a comparison service like Parcel2Go.

This makes use of logistics expertise, including specialist software and systems, trained drivers and local depots, to keep customers informed at every stage.

As ecommerce rises and competition increases, delivery is becoming an increasingly important part of the customer experience. Use these tips to make sure your orders arrive quickly.

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