How To Install Android On Your PC Or Laptop

How To Install Android On Your PC Or Laptop ,this days Android is much famous than Mac ,Window or Linux as i already told you how to install chrome os on your PC.Everyone want a Android tab or Pad.But if don’t have money to buy a tab to try Android then you can install it in you PC or ┬áLaptop to try this new generation OS Android.So lets follow the simple steps

Step 1.Download the latest version of Android from here according to your hardware (be careful ).
Step 2.Burn the iso into a blank CD or DVD .You can also make bootable Flashdrive using Linux Live
Step 3.Now just boot the CD or bootable flashdrive and chose last option to install or chose 1st to just try.

Step 4.If you want to install then follow this link

You laptop or PC hardware sometimes may not supported

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