How To Know Your Laptop Or PC’s Graphics Memory In Windows 7/8

What are Your Laptops or PC Graphics Memory? Do you know this , maybe you will try to find the package box or try another method to know your laptop graphics memory. If you’re using desktop without having graphics card then then your graphics comes with your motherboard and CPU. If you have dedicated graphics card then its obvious that you know your graphics or gfx memory.But nowadays most laptops come with a preloaded dedicated graphics card it may be AMD or NVIDIA. So if you have a dedicated graphics card or GPU in your laptop or notebook or ultrabook then you must try this method how to know your laptop’s or computer graphics memory in Windows 7 or Windows 8.
Step 1. Go your Desktop and make a right click
Step 2. Now click on the screen resolution
Step 3. Now click on Advance setting like this
Step 4. Now you will get dialog box having all detail about your graphics card
Here we can see that dedicated graphics is 512 MB and Nvidia GeForce 310M , here M stand for Mobile or laptop graphics ,which is different from desktop version or 310.
So next time if you want to all about your graphics properties then try this method f you are using windows 7 or windows 8. Have a fun.
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