How to Make a Great Photo for a Dating Site

Female logic has its laws! And a photo, which a man considers cool, may seem awful to a woman. While you think that the main photo is not the most important thing on a dating site, a girl can understand everything about you just by looking at it. And if you really want to find a soul mate on a dating site, then it is in your interest to make your photo as attractive as possible! So, the article will tell you 8 secrets of a good photo on a dating site.

  1. Good quality, not quantity!

A photo must be of high quality, and you should look attractive in it. A beautiful photo is a high probability that a woman will have a desire to visit your profile. And there should be other photos in it because only one photo can’t form an opinion about you. Upload several different photos in your album, each of which will affect a certain part of the spectrum of the girl’s emotions. By the way, did you see the photos of hot politicians?

  1. Cool lifestyle!

Girls like cars, expensive clothes, and beautiful life. No matter how impregnable and independent a girl is, she still notices beautiful things. And it’s not because girls are looking for rich men. Just a photo frame with expensive things in the background looks more attractive. Don’t worry that a car is not yours. If you are looking for a girl with a good soul, she will not be against the fact that you took pictures in a friend’s car. The main thing is not to tell that this is your car.

  1. A naked body is not cool!

Beautiful, athletic and tanned body is great! But a young lady rarely admits this to an unfamiliar guy. And again, according to women’s logic, visiting a profile of a gentleman where he is half naked on a photo means to confirm that he turns her on. And educated ladies don’t allow it to themselves, you know. So, if you want to boast an athletic body, upload this photo to an album, not to the profile photo. And it is better if you make a photo on the beach, and not against the background of wallpaper at home.

  1. Selfies are not so cool as well!

This is not the best idea for a dating site. Try not to upload selfies or photos made in a mirror. Don’t upload photos with lips, kisses, a thoughtful, mysterious face, and cute eyes. Tenderness is for the weak half of humanity! Usually, cute faces are ignored by women. Young ladies look for strong men, not cute dolls.

  1. Your spare time!

The girl will not miss a photo where a man stands against a sunny beach or high mountains. Travel is a plus. Thus, you will not only hint to a potential girlfriend that you are used to active, fun, and luxurious rest but also to what you can tell her about romantic countries and heavenly corners of the world. A woman, having seen a photo, imagines herself near you.

  1. Animals are not appropriate!

Girls usually ignore this type of photos. It makes no sense to argue – a photo where a man has a cat on his knees or strokes a dog is nice, but it doesn’t motivate to visit a user’s profile. For big fans of four-legged friends, it is better to remove such pictures from the main page and add them into some album.

  1. Men’s hobbies!

A photo can tell girls about your hobby. But there are things that subtle female nature is not able to perceive normally. Hunting, fishing, excessive love for cars and gym not always work out. It is better not to declare that you shoot ducks and hares in your free time. But ladies will appreciate mountaineering, diving, snowboarding, or something else.

  1. The eyes are the mirror of the soul!

Yes, this phrase sounds banal, but eyes can tell a lot more about you than dozens of paragraphs in the information section. Don’t hide your eyes behind dark glasses. The face should be open, and a slight smile should shine on the lips.

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