How To Make Virtual Graphics Card

I know many of you love to play game,me also a game geek.But now a days all game required a graphics card.But graphics card are not soo cheap .But now you can play Crysis , Far Cry type game without a graphics card.You just need to download a software called  3D-Analyzer, 
So How To Make Virtual Graphics Card?
Download 3D-Analyzer
Install the software and run it,you will get like this

Click on “Select” option
Now browse your game name.exe file from installation directory , like here i chose “crysis.exe”,Note don’t chose game file from desktop shotcut

Next step,select the options as shown.Note that i have selected the VendorID as 4098 and DeviceID 20400 as i want to select the ATi Radeon 9800 PRO graphics card(use the index provided in the screen on the right). Click on Run.Doesn’t matter even if you don’t save the batch file.Your ready to roll !

Just go and try this and let me know , which game you able to play..

How To Make Virtual Graphics Card
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