How To Make Your Own Google Chrome Theme

Google Chrome is one of my favorite browser and many people will agree with me as its not only fast and secure but its has a great look that Firefox and IE follow latter.What are main things that any thing attract you ? Its look , Google Chrome has great UI.And you can decorate using great theme for Google Chrome.Some time you may have search for best  theme for google chrome.But I think some time you may not get theme you are looking for.For this purpose is best to design or create own Google Chrome theme.You Can make or customize your own Google Chrome Theme as you like,mean what picture you want.So how to create or make your own Google Chrome theme.You can design you theme very easily.Lets follow the simple step.

Step 1.Download this Google Chrome Extension My Chrome Theme
Step 2.Import any image from your PC or computer to use it as your theme background. Adjust the size of your image, placement, and more.
Step 3.Put some color to the rest of your theme by customizing the omnibox, tabs, and remaining parts of the browser.
Step 4.Give name after completing theme and install it on your Chrome Browser, you can share it with others on Google+ or via a unique URL.

So If you now want a chrome theme of COD BO 2 then just find a BO2 wallpaper and make or customize your own Google Chrome Theme.

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