How To Mass Unsubscribe From Email Newsletters At Once

How To Mass Unsubscribe From Email Newsletters as are you fucked with unknown newsletter that you are getting in your email inbox and making your inbox as a dustbin.Its quite obvious that know or unknowing you subscribe for newsletter giving your email id.But after sometime you understand that these are just nothing else making your inbox mess.And the main problem you will figure out that how to unsubscribe from all these stuff at once.Then i am telling you are came right site to know the trick.So you have to do the few steps

Step 1.Visit the site
Step 2.Now enter your email id that you want to unsubscribe from unwanted newsletter

Step 3.You have to give permission like this

Step 4.For Google you have to give special permission like this

Step 5.Now select the folder that you want to scan for subscribed email default is inbox and trash
Step 6.Now click on begin scan

Step 7.It will take few minutes

Step 8.After scan you will get the list of site that you are subscribed
Step 9.To unsubscribed just select unsubscribed like this you can also delete the all message

Step 10.For some site like flipkart you may need to visit that site , entering your mail id and unsubscribe

This site provide this awesome feature at free of cost but in this case Unsubscribr only will scan email of last 5 days  from inbox and trash.If you have money then you can go for its Premium plan at Only $2.00 – Forever.

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