How To Play Your PS3 Games On PS4

Sony has finally launched their next generation Gaming console PS4 in North America and some other country and still rolling out. Where XBOX ONE is their big rival but I will prefer to go with PS4 instead of Microsoft’s XOBX ONE. So if you’re thinking to buy a gaming console then go for PS4 with blind eyes. But if you previously own a PS3 and want PS4 then you might be thinking that can I play my old PS3 games on your new PS4, then official answer will be yes. As Sony have recently supported to play old PS3 games on your new PS4 console. So special thanks to Sony. For this you have to upgrade your PS3 games to PS4 games. And Sony has launched a nice program called PS3 to PS4. Where you can upgrade your PS3 games into PS4 games. Though it’s not a free service as you have to spend $10 but still its nice way to play PS3 games on PS4 and it’s available for some selected games for a limited time.

So how to upgrade your PS3 games into PS4 games or how to play PS3 games on PS4 console? Have a look this nice trick.

Step 1:  Make sure you own the Blu-Ray disc or download copy the game you want upgrade.
Step 2 : From PS4 Home screen click Playstation store
Step 3:  Now scroll down and hit PS3 to PS4
Step 4: Choose the game you want to upgrade
Step 5: Select purchase to upgrade your game at $10
Step 6: Now insert the Blu-ray disc of the game to play it on the PS4

Is it not a nice way to play or upgrade PS3 games to PS4 by spending $10. The bad thing is its for some selected games and for a limited time. Like you can upgrade your Assassin’s Creed IV PS3 games into PS4 before January 31, 2014. So upgrade your game as soon as possible.

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