How To Remove mystartsearch from Chrome or Firefox

Recently I have found that I can’t work with my a odd type of search engine. Whenever I search something by typing on address bar, I get the search result are not from Google on Google Chrome browser. Though its look like Google but its not Google. Then I realize that its an another type of search engine called mystartsearch. I realize that some Google Chrome extension may be causing this problem. But I find that there is nothing suspicious extension installed on my Google Chrome. Ok its fine I change the default search engine to Google and also clean cache and browsing data. I restart Google Chrome and as soon as I search a keyword by tying on search bar I realize that it was my futile efforts to remove the mystartsearch.


What to do now? As I can’t work with this my start search search engine and it became a petulance moment for me. In this type scenario a normal people just uninstall Google Chrome and install it back but I open and searched for any kind of remedy for this problem. After spending some time on internet I got the solution and applied and it worked. Here I am going to tell you if you are facing such problem like mystartsearch always opeing in new tab on your Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox then check this tutorial to remove mystartsearch from your browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explore.

Basically mystartsearch is one kind of ad-ware that automatically get installed on your PC while you installed some unknown software. Not only this there are many reasons to infect your PC as well as your browser by ad-ware like my start search.

So how to remove ad-ware or mystartsearch search from Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer?

Step 1: click here to download ad-ware removal tool

Step 2: Run the software and close your all browser if opened

Step 3: Click on scan ( Make sure your PC connected to internet to update data base)

Step 4: Once the scan process finished click on Select all the hit clean to remove all ad-ware.

Step 5: After finishing removal process you can reset your browser for better result if you feel nice with reset process otherwise close the tool.

Now check the result..if the problem still persists the again scan and remove mystartsearch form your PC.

At the end I will recommend you to scan you PC using this ad-ware removal tool once a month to keep your PC ad-ware free.

Here is a video tutorial for in depth details..

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