How To Remove One OS Without Error Message In Boot Screen In Dual Boot PC

What you will do if you duel boot your pc in two different partition and you now want to remove one of them just simply format the drive of that OS, after this when you on your pc you should have a error msg in boot screen or showing the os that you remove in chose a os to boot option .What you will do now?
The ans is its very simple , use easyBCD
Download and install it
Open the software , here i want to remove ubuntu so i select ubuntu and click on delete ,

But when you will on PC , in boot screen you will see  chose a os to boot option  which is looking pc has only one os now then why it asking me to chose os in boot screen
To solve this open again easyBCD
Click on “BCD Backup/Repair”
Select “Reset BCD configaration”
Now click on “Perform Action”

Now restart your PC ..You may not boot your os
To fix this just put your OS installation Dics and repair
Now Your PC is on condition before your duel boot

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