How to Root Honor 7X Android 7.0 [100% Working]

2018 is all about 18:9 aspect ratio display and Honor 7X is the successor of Honor 6X with this new feature. Lookswise Honor 7X is as good as Honor 6X and the camera quality is nice. But if you are an Honor 7X owner and you are thinking to root your device then you can follow this guide. Rooting Honor 7X is quite same as Honor 6X. Make sure you read this post properly and this method tried on Indian variant of Honor 7X. If you are using any other variant then you can also try this.

Root Honor 7X

Warning: Flashing can potentially brick or bootloop your device. We don’t hold any responsibility for any error or problem caused by following this guide. Do with your own risks. This root method for EMUI 5.X of Honor 7X. This method successfully tried on Indian variant of Honor 7X or model no BND-AL10 Android version 7.0.

How to Root Honor 7X

NOTE: Make a backup of all your data including msg, contacts files, images etc.

A. Download Tools

B. File Preparation

  1. Unzip and you will get ADB Folder
  2. Install the ADB Driver in your PC
  3. Rename the twrp_Honor_7x.img into twrp.img

C. Enable USB Debugging and OEM Unlock

  1. Enable Developer option- Goto Settings > About phone > tap version 7 times.
  2. Enable USB Debugging- Goto Settings > Additional settings > Developer options > USB Debugging and enable it.
  3. Enable OEM Unlock – Goto Settings > Additional settings > Developer options > Enable OEM Unlock.

D. Unlock bootloader in Honor 7X

  1. First note down serial number of your Honor 7X on a paper from the box or “about” section in your phone
  2. Second note down the IMIE number
  3. Third note down the product ID  by typing *#*#1357946#*#* into your dialer app
  4. Now go to the Huawei unlock website  (server down) so try this Bootloader Unlock Code Request
  5. Register here and make an account
  6. Go to the download section and select unlock bootloader
  7. Agree to the unlocking agreement
  8. Now you will see a form like this
  9. Now fill up the form as you already note down all the details in first three steps
  10. Once you have fill up the form correctly tap on select “commit”
  11. And your unlock code will be shown on the same page, note down this unlock code on a paper
  12. Plug your phone into your computer via USB cable
  13. Open the ADB Folder.
  14. Inside the folder, hold “Shift” Key then right click and select “Open command Windows here”.
  15. The Command prompt will open.
  16. Now enter this command.
    adb devices
  17. If its properly connected to your PC it will show your device with some alphanumeric character
  18. Now type this command and hit enter
    adb reboot bootloader
  19. You will that phone will go to bootloader mode. Basically its fastboot mode.
  20. Now type this command and hit enter, where XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX – unlock code received previously
    fastboot oem unlock XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
  21. You will get a pop up on your mobile, use volume keys to navigate yes unlock bootloader (warranty may void)
  22. Then press power button to execute
  23. Your phone will boot…
  24. The Bootloader is unlocked in Honor 7X! Now disconnect your Phone from PC
  25. Switch on the Device and Repeat the STEP. C (Mean you need to enable USB Debugging and OEM Unlock)

E. How to flash TWRP Recovery In Honor 7X

  1. Connect your phone to PC via USB
  2. Copy paste the from your PC to phone’s SD CARD (You need to put in SD card)
  3. Open the “ADB FASTBOOT FILES” folder
  4. Inside the folder, hold “Shift” Key then right click and select “Open command Windows here”
  5. The Command prompt will open
  6. Now type this command and hit enter
    adb reboot bootloader
  7. It will boot into fastboot mode.
  8. Now type this command and hit enter
    fastboot oem get-bootinfo
  9. If bootloader is unlocked then it will show “Bootloader Lock State: UNLOCKED
  10. If its Unlocked then proceed
  11. Now its time to flash TWRP,  so run this command (Make sure twrp.img file is present in the ADB folder like I have done in Step B)
    fastboot flash recovery twrp.img
  12. Once its flashed you will agin get a pop up on mobile, just press power key to continue
  13. Now run this command to boot into TWRP mode
    fastboot reboot
  14. It will boot into system and unplug your phone from PC

F. Install SuperSu and Root Honor 7X

  1. Switch off your device
  2. Press and Hold Power + Volume Up to Launch TWRP
  3. Swipe to allow modification
  4. Tap on Install
  5. Then tap on Select Storage then select MicroSD and click OK
  6. Now select the and  swipe to Install
  7. Once the flashing process has done, tap on Wipe Cache/Delvik
  8. Then tap on Reboot system and then tap on Do no install
  9. The booting process may take 5 to 10 minutes.
  10. Install Root Checker and whether Honor 7X rooted or not.

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How to Root Honor 7X Android 7.0 [100% Working]
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