How to Root Moto Z2 Play [100% Working]

Its been long time since there is no Moto rooting tutorial. Here I am back with another android rooting method and its for Moto Z2 Play. Today I am going to discuss how to root Moto Z2 Play. If you are a moto lover then Moto Z2 Play is a nice phone with overpricing tag. In case if you have purchased Moto Z2 Play and you want to get root access on it then here is the detailed method.

Disclaimer: By attempting any of the processes listed in this thread you accept full responsibility for your actions. I will not be held responsible if your device stops working, catches fire, or turns into a hipster and claims to have been modified before it was cool.

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How To Root Moto Z2 Play  [100% Working]

NOTE: Backup all your files like photos, video, mp3 including contacts, SMS etc to your computer as unlocking the Moto Z2 Play Bootloader will completely wipe/delete all files on the device.

A. Download tools

Download Universal Windows ADB Driver

Download TWRP For Moto Z2 Play  [Direct download link]

Download Motorola Driver


Download () (Don’t extract it)

Download MagiskManager-v5.3.0.apk (3.2 MB)

Download F2FS  (Don’t extract it)

B. Enable USB debugging and OEM Unlocking

  1. Go to Settings > About phone, and then tap ‘Build number’ 7 times or until you get the message ‘You’re now a developer!’.
  2. Go back to Settings, choose ‘Developer options’. Find the ‘USB debugging’ option and enable it.
  3.  In the ‘Developer Option’ you will also find the ‘OEM Unlocking’ option, just enable it. It will ask for your PIN/Screen unlock code to enable it.

C. File preparation

  1. ADB FASTBOOT and select Extract to “ADB FASTBOOT FILES” folder
  2. Rename twrp-3.2.1-0-albus.img into twrp.img
  3. Now put the twrp.img file in ADB FASTBOOT FILES folder.

D. Driver Installation on Moto Z2 Play

Install Universal Windows ADB Driver on your PC, then install Motorola Driver and restart your PC.

E.  Unlock the Bootloader, flash TWRP and Root Moto Z2 Play

  1. Connect your Moto Z2 Play to your PC via USB cable
  2. Once you connect to PC, you will get a pop up on your Moto Z2 Play
  3. Just tick the “Always allow from this computer ” checkbox and tap OK3
  4. Open the “ADB FASTBOOT FILES” folder in your PC
  5. Inside the folder, hold “Shift” Key then right click and select “Open command Windows hereroot-lenovo-k3_1
  6. Now type this bellow command
    adb devices
  7. Now you will be able to see your device or Moto Z2 Play. Mean driver installed properly
  8. Now disconnect your phone from PC, don’t close the command prompt.
  9. Put your device in fastboot mode (first power off your phone, then press the power and volume down buttons simultaneously and hold it for few seconds. You will be into Fastboot mode.)).
  10. It will look like this in fastboot mode
  11. Now connect your phone to PC via USB
  12. Type this command and hit enter

    fastboot oem get_unlock_data

  13. It will return some strings
  14. Now right click inside the command prompt and choose Mark  then select those 6 line returning strings and hit enter on Keyboard to copy those lines
  15. Now open this link and paste there like thisScreenshot (61)
  16. Now hit Format my data and you will get like thisScreenshot (62)
  17. Just copy this whole text and paste it on a notepad
  18. Go to this link and create and Motorola account, if you already have then skip this step
  19. Now open this link on your browser, and paste the text that you copied on step 16 like this.Screenshot (63)
  20. Click on “Can my device be unlocked
  21. Then choose agree and click on Request Unlock Key
  22. Now you will receive unlock key via email. Just copy the Unlock Code from email (It may take 1-2 day to receive the unlock key via email)
  23. Now type this command with your unlock key, here XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX is example unlock key
    fastboot oem unlock XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    Screenshot (64)

  24. It will return a warning regarding all the data erase. So again type or copy paste this command and hit enter
    fastboot oem unlock XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
  25. Now your Moto Z2 Play boot-loader is unlocked, its time to flash TWRP Recovery
  26. Type this command and hit enter, just make sure twrp.img file is in the ADB FASTBOOT folder
    fastboot flash recovery twrp.img
  27. It will return to finish once the flashing process complete
  28. Now take your phone and use Volume UP or down Key to navigate “RECOVERY MODE”
  29. Once you find RECOVERY MODE just press Power button to enter in recovery mode
  30. You will see TWRP recovery mode. it will ask for a password, just tap on cancel.
  31. Then swipe top allow modification
  32. Now tap on Wipe
  33. Then select Format Data
  34. you need to type “yes”  to format your phone. (This is vital STEP)
  35. Now on home screen tap on Reboot and select Recovery then tap on “Do not install” like this
  36. It will reboot into TWRP Recovey mode again
  37. As your Phone connected to PC just copy paste and into your phone internal memory
  38. Go to the home screen of TWRP and tap on settings 
  39. Just tick on “Use SHA2 for hashing” like this
  40. Again go to main menu of TWRP and tap on Advance then Terminal
  41. Now execute this following command
    echo KEEPVERITY=true>>/data/.magisk
  42. Once it done..again execute this following command
    echo KEEPFORCEENCRYPT=true>>/data/.magisk
  43. Once it done go the home menu of TWRP
  44. Now tap on Install then browse and select 
  45. Swipe to confirm the flash
  46. Again go the home screen of TWRP and tap on install then browse and flash it
  47. Once flashing done tap on Reboot System
  48. It will take time to reboot into Android mode
  49. Your Moto Z2 Play is now rooted.
  50. To check whether Moto Z2 Play has root access or not, just go to Google Play Store and install Root Checker and run it.

Hope you have understood this guide, so go and Root Moto Z2 Play. In case, any confusion or problem regarding Root Moto Z2 Play just comments here. If you got success to Root Moto Z2 Play then also comment here, it will help other users!!

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How to Root Moto Z2 Play [100% Working]
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