How to Secure Your Chats on iPhone

To secure your phone chats, first, you must need to know how it can be hacked then only you can understand how to keep it secure. Various hacking tools are available in the market for the name of security, and even some of them are too smart that they can be termed as spy apps. We are not saying to look at someone else’s chats rather we are endorsing knowledge. At least, you should have a strong reason to do so.

Here, we are including three top hack tools used for Whatsapp:

  1. mSpy

Usually, all the Whatsapp hack tools are compatible with jailbroken iOS devices and Android. However, mSpy is an exceptional case which can work with both the type whether it is jailbroken or not. That is why, it stands at the first place on the list of the hacking tool.

It gives 24/7 customer service in multi-language and it does not need the jailbroken device.  The usage of the application is simple, you just need to install by following the steps given by wizard installation, which comes along the app. And you are ready to use. It can track SMS, call logs, address, calendar, location, chats(supports any media like Skype, Whatsapp, Viber etc ) and many more.

  1. FlexiSPY

Now, this one is more advanced and cool application. It not only hack the Whatsapp chat rather it can record the calls. In fact, you can listen to the live calls. Isn’t it amazing?

It offers tracking of calls, messages, IM chats, browsed data, Location, passwords, etc. But can be used only with jailbroken devices.

  1. Highster Mobile

It is one of the cheapest hacking application available on the market. It is applicable for both the platforms i.e Android and Apple iPad. It is designed to track the messages even those which are deleted.  It is user-friendly, similar to stealth camera, access call logs, track emails and much more. The user can monitor the phone just after installation and license activation.

How to secure your chats

We all know, what is the place of a cell phone in our life and how much it is important? So the very first thing is to secure your phone even before the chats. You can set Pin or fingerprint lock on the phone such that nobody can access your phone. Moreover, you can set the phone at self-destructing so if an intruder tries to open it, it automatically erases all the data.

We have already shared the type of hacking application so now you might want to know how to protect the data. Correct? Here, are some of the methods to secure and keep it private actually.

  1. Lock the application

Believe it or not, but the application lock is the primary thing for security. However, some application does not provide in-built locking system. For which you have to install a third party application such that no person can open it without your knowledge. It will also give you the benefit even when you have given device access to another person.

  1. Permanently erase the data

To erase the data permanently, you can avail dr.fone- Erase(iOS). As we told you that the data which you have deleted can be recovered again which means you need extra effort to delete it. For that, you need a professional tool like dr.fone such that you are assured that the messages are deleted permanently.

  1. Block unknown source installation

Always restrict your data from downloading any type of file and application from an unknown source. As it can share information about your phone with an unknown source and give a path for hacking.

  1. Avoid using data on unknown WiFi

This is something, which is so common nowadays. But, do you know it can be a medium of hacking as well. So, never use public WiFi connections as it can give access to the applications of your phone.

Wrapping Up:

The points given above are easily applicable to our daily routine. But to know more about security one can avail CISA Certification which not only covers the security of small devices rather for bigger organisations, managing businesses. Through the certification, user will be able to gain skill and knowledge such that any emerging vulnerability can be avoided. The technology may have lead problems but it also bought the cure with it as well.

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