How To Stop Receiving Mail From Any Google+ Users

Google+ may not be as popular like Facebook, but still its rocks in its identity. And its look and feature are really cool. But now Google added a new feature which may irritate you. In this new feature any Google+ profile holder can email you without knowing your email id. Think you are getting emails from those people that you don’t know. In this feature, there is a two trajectory. One is if the person is not in your Google+ circle, then you will receive those mails outside the primary Inbox. And if the person is in your circle, then you will receive mail in your primary gmail.

stop receiving mail from Google Plus contact

It’s very bad in respect of privacy, as anyone who have a Google plus account can mail you without knowing your mail id. On the other expect its good for social media. Basically its a message protocol that sends the message directly to your Inbox. Mean without knowing your mail id anyone can send you mail via Google Plus.

So if you are one of those people who are concerned about their privacy then you don’t want to receive those mails in your mail box. So how can I block those mails?

When Google launched this feature alongside the keep an option such that you can block or stop receiving mail from any Google+ users. So lets have a check, how to stop receiving mail from any Google+ users?

Step 1: Open Your Gmail in Standard View (Not Basic HTML)

Step 2. Click on the Setting icon on right upper corner

Step 3. Now click Setting of that option.


Step 4. A new windows will open just scroll down to see ‘Email via Google+’.

Step 5. Now select any option according to you

aNo One (No Google+ Will be able to send mail)

b> “Circle ” (Only those people who are in your circle will be able to send you mail via Google+)


Step 6. Just scroll more and click on “Save Changes”



Now Google Plus users will be unable to mail you without knowing your mail id. Hope you now will be irritated by those mails from those people that you don’t know.

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