How To Stream Music From OneDrive On Android or iPhone

Day by day internet get stronger and everything shifting to the cloud. We hardly keep raw data on our smartphone, whether iPhone or Android. We use Dropbox, OneDrive, iCloud to save our files and documents. We don’t need to put fat memory card to carry large data. It also keeps our files safe and secure and we can access anywhere, all we need a high speed internet which is available in lighting speed like 5G. We listen to music from iTune, Saavn or Gaana. Listing online music become so easy with iTune or Saavn. But sometime iTune or Saavn or any other online music store failed to make happy. As if you have an old collection of some music or those musics which are not available in the online market, then you need to carry them on your memory card.

Xbox Music App

But now you don’t need to carry your music file on your phone as Microsoft Xbox Music app allows you to stream music files from your OneDrive to Your Phone. Except this Google Music this opportunity to stream the uploaded music. Mean you can directly listen those music files that you have put on your OneDrive without downloading them just like listening online music.

Online listening music or streaming music from OneDrive is a great way to carry your music via  the cloud. Just upload your mp3 files to OnDrive and stream them using Xbox Music app for free on your Android phone or iPhone. You don’t need any subcription for this feature.

Xbox Music allows you listen music without internet connection or offline, all you need to download the entire playlist. Microsoft introduce a filter by which you can see which tracks are available for offline and which need data or wifi connectivity to stream.

Xbox Music is available in both Android and iOS platform so just download and install on your iPhone or Android to stream music from OneDrive or listen music directly form OneDrive cloud storage .

Download: Xbox Music app for iOS / Android

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How To Stream Music From OneDrive On Android or iPhone
Article Name
How To Stream Music From OneDrive On Android or iPhone
How To Stream Music From OneDrive On Android or iPhone. Listen online mp3 directly from OneDrive using Xbox Music app on iPhone Android Smartphone for free.

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