Infographics : Internet User’s Screen Resolution

Day by day Internet user increasing. There was a time when PC was only one medium to access Internet but now people accessing it from Mobile to Tablet. And all device does not have same screen resolution. Now people have full HD (1920*1024) display where 4K display is new player in market. This Infographic show you that how Internet users screen resolution changes.
In the year 2011 1024*768 XVGA was the most common screen resolution that people used to access Internet. In the year 2012 , 1366*768 HD display become more famous due to Windows vista and Windows 7. Windows is still leading OS in computer world. And still in this year 2013 1366*768 is most common screen resolution.
Infographics Internet User's Screen Resolution
Infographics : Internet User’s Screen Resolution
Here we listed top 10 or most common 10 screen resolution that people use to access Internet . covering data for three years. So there is a lots of change in Internet accessible screen resolution or screen size. Hope you will like this our nice Infographic. Hit like or share.
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