Keyboard Shortcut Of Google Drive

Google Drive is the new name in cloud file storage or synchronizer service , a few days ago our Don in Cyber World launched Google drive.Dropbox, SkyDrive and iCloud already rock with cloud service now its time for Google Drive.If you want a free cloud file storage service then Google drive is best option with 5GB free space beside DropBox , SkyDrive.If you really want to use Google Drive then keyboard shortcut will make you easy to use as like dropbox, facebook , twitter and gmail with keyboard shortcut .So How to use Google Drive with keyboard shortcuts ? here are the keyboard shortcut for Google drive Keyboard Shortcut Of Google Drive


j : navigate to and highlight next item
k : navigate to and highlight previous item
x : toggle selection of highlighted item
Shift + a : select all
Shift + n : select none
o or Enter : open item
s : toggle star
. : share
z : organize 
g then n : go to navigation panel
g then l : go to document list
g then c : go to collections
g then d : go to details pane 
Create new
Shift + t : create a new text document
Shift + s : create a new spreadsheet
Shift + p : create a new presentation
Shift + d : create a new drawing
Shift + c : create a new collection 
c : display create new menu
u : display upload menu
a : display actions menu
r : display sort menu
v : display view menu 
/ : go to search box
d : toggle details pane
? : display keyboard shortcuts
Hope you can remember all this shortcut ! lol!!
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