How to Link Aadhaar Number with mobile Number using IVR OTP Method

If you are fed up the with the message like “Dear Customer Your AADHAAR link with XXXXX number is still pending! Visit nearest XXXXX retailer and get done today to enjoy seamless service and other benefits” then you are at right place. Govt. of India has requested all the telecom service to verify all the number with AADHAAR. Mean linking Aadhaar number with mobile number.  Some of you has already done this by biometric or eKYC method visiting a retail shop. Still, its a big problem to visit shop who has no time or unable to visit. That why Govt. of India has opened secondary method to link AADHAAR number with mobile number using IVR OTP method.

If you want to link AADHAAR Number with mobile number at home without visiting retail shop then you should try this method. Its huge relief for customers as they can link AADHAAR Number with mobile very easily and without spending money ( Many retail shops ask 20 to 50 rupees for AADHAR linking with mobile number).

Before we proceed to do this job make sure a mobile number liked with your AADHAR while enrolment. As you will receive an OTP on that number which is linked with AADHAAR. Here OTP will work as your digital signature as like other AADHAAR based verification. Second thing if you are using dual SIM phone to make call then use a smartphone as by the time you make call you will receive OTP so from basic mobile it will tough job.


How to link Aahaar number with mobile number –

  • Dial 14546 from your number, user will be on the IVR based aahaar verification portal.
  • Make sure you’ve Aadhaar card in your hand.
  • Now user has to select if he/she is an Indian or NRI.
  • On the next step, user need to type 1 to keep the process going on.
  • Now type your Aadhaar card number and press 1 to confirm it.
  • An OTP will be sent to user’s mobile number number, enter that.
  • The IVR system will ask user to give permission to their operator to pick their name,photo and other credential from their UIDAI data base.
  • It will now mention the last 4 digit of your mobile number to confirm the right number.
  • Now it will ask how many SIM card or number do you have in your name or document. If you have 3 other number then you need enter all those 10 digit mobile numbers excluding the one you are linking with Aadhaar. 
  • Now it will ask for confirmation.
  • To complete the aadhaar re-verification process now type 1. 
  • Once you confirm you will receive an SMS  regarding this process.
  • Within 72 hours you will receive another SMS asking final confirmation to link Aadhaar to your mobile number.
  • For this confirmation you need to send an SMS “RVEKYC YES”  to 121
  • You’ve successfully verified your mobile number by linking it with aadhaar card. By the same process you can verify your all numbers.

This IVR based service is available till 6th February 2018. Also, corporate users don’t need require to do this job.


How to Link Aadhaar Number with mobile Number using IVR OTP Method
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