Logify: One click to log out from all your Internet Services

If you use a public computer for your working purpose then you Logify can help you to log out from all internet services just by one click. Logify is a free online service that can help you to save your time just by one click to log out from different internet services and it does not require any permission for this. Once you have confirmed to log out from all those websites then just open the Logify page and click on it. It will log out from all those websites.

It is easy to use and free. Moreover, when we are in hurry we forget to log out and sometimes we can’t find the log out button. Logify can help in this scenario. The main advantage of using Logify is you can make yourself log out from multiple websites at once.

Currently, Logify works on some major website like Dropbox, Office 365, Google, Google Drive, Netflix, Skype, Amazon, Soundcloud, Vimeo, YouTube, The New York Times, Wikipedia, Steam, Myspace, Tumblr, and WordPress. In future, we will see more on this list. Logify uses some iframe code which initiates the logout process for all those supported websites in an effective way.

User interface of Logify is pretty simple and straightforward, once you have click on the button it takes no time to log out and shows a notification that you have successfully logged out. You can cross check by visiting that website and you will see that you are no longer logged in.

In concussion, Logify is a very handy online tool, but it needs some upgrade like manually selecting to which site you want to keep logged in or out. It also needs support from other internet services. Till now I would recommend you to bookmark Logify webpage on your public PC. So whenever you are in hurry or you have logged in multiple websites just click on the Logify button to log out in no time.

Logify: One click to log out from all your Internet Services
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