Make Facebook Status Update From Blackberry, iPhone or iPad Without Having It

Make Facebook Status Update From Blackberry iPhone or iPad Without Having It,have you when you make a status update Facebook shows from which device you make that device like if you have Nokia phone its show via Nokia.If you want to make your friend fool that you have a Blackberry ,iPhone or iPad then follow the steps

Step 1> Chose your device by liking this fb apps as you want

A.For iPhone 4S

B.For iPad 2 

C.For Blackberry 

Step 2>You have to allow permission to use  these apps
Step 3>Now just type what you want to put on your status and select send to as “”–MY WALL(STATUS)–” and click send , you can also message to your fb friend using this apps. 

So go and use this nice apps and make your friend fool.

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