How to make fake preview image for WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a great social networking medium at this age. We can easily share images, audio, video and even now document file through WhatsApp. Above all its necessity its gives us fun also. Especially the jokes or images and on the April fool day, I got soo many pics that makes me a fool and all of you have got this kind of images. It’s called fake images. Where its looks like an interesting image but when you download it you just the shit or another image. The preview of this image is one and downloaded version is other. On the eve of April fool day, I got soo many this kind of images that draws my attention to making such fake images or fake preview image.


Fake images or fake preview image are very interesting and you can make someone fool by sending this type fake images through WhatsApp but the condition is the receiver must disable auto download otherwise there will no fun to send these images. Fakes images are basically blended of two images. One is real and other is preview image. When you send the image the receiver sees the preview image, but when he tap on it to download the image, he got the real image which is something else.

So if you want to create your own fake or troll image then you can make your own fake image very easily. All you need to do is follow these steps.

How to make fake preview image for WhatsApp

  1. Download Image Preview Changer on your Android device
  2. Open the appScreenshot_2016-04-03-08-22-12
  3. Now browse the Original image
  4. Then browse the preview image
  5. Now just hit the share with WhatsApp button to share with your friends

It’s done!! You can forward the image, you don’t need to compile from the app for every time. Now receiver will see the preview image and once he downloads the image, he will get the original image. Now use your brain to put what kind of picture in the two section before making a nice fake image or troll your friends. This app is free and great to create troll preview images to share in WhatsApp.

How to make fake preview image for WhatsApp
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