Microsoft Announced Windows 8.1 Will Officially Released On October 17

Microsoft officially announced: from Beijing at 19:00 on October 17 onwards, Windows 8.1 will be on a global scale, beginning through Windows8 Windows Store on Windows 8 users free of charge to push updates. Meanwhile, in the Windows 8.1 update officially released, the device is equipped with Windows 8.1 will be a new retail channels worldwide listed.
Microsoft says, “Windows 8.1 continues our vision in Windows 8, and further demonstrates our commitment to user-driven innovation, improved commitment. Windows 8.1 has made ‚Äč‚Äčimprovements in many areas, such as personalized upgrade, IE11 , to will should search for the platform functionality, better built-in applications (including a variety of new applications), the enhanced Windows application store experience, and people will enjoy more convenient SkyDrive cloud connection (etc.).
Microsoft said, “The ability to publish an anniversary in Windows 8 to provide to the consumer before the Windows 8.1 update, which makes us feel the excitement in the Windows 8.1 before the official release, we will continue to share more information!”
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