Movavi Video Editor : Most easy and simple Video editing software for Windows

There was a  time when watching the video was a great experience for us. Some big people makes video to entertain us as the camera was not affordable. Then camera becomes affordable and we love to shoot pictures. And this goes for some time. But people get Video camera people goes crazy. As capturing a moment for normal people was too exciting. But shooting a video does not make it good. You need to edit the video properly. The tough editing job is not quite easy, only professional do that. But still I am going to tell you how video editing become easy with Movavi Video Editor.

I have used many video editing software, but each video editor was only for professional people. It’s too complicated. Sometime I frustrated to think which function do what. Then I came to know about the Movavi Video editor . Frankly, speaking as a tech geek Movavi Video editor draws my attention.

Movavi video editor

Why you need Movavi Video editor?

1. Most Easy to use:

Movavi video editor is one of the most easiest video editing software that i ever used. If you think video editing job only for professional or techy people, then I would recommend you to give a try this software. Its user interface is very simple and easy to use.  Whatever purpose is yours like making normal video, demo video or some tutorial video for your YouTube channel, Movavi Video editor makes it smoothly. You can also make some funny video for your family or friends to express your wishes like birthday or anniversary etc.

2. Superfine video quality:

Do you recoeded a bad quality video? Don’t worry! Movavi has a magic for this. Its special filters will automatically adjust the parameters like light, contrast or color to give you best quality video output. You can also do that manually.

3.  Add Special effects like a Pro :

Movavi has lots of video effects like Twirl, Stripes, Find Edges etc. that can enhance your video editing. If you want to zoom on your video then you can try zoom effects, also you can bring four clips on a single screen with split screen effects.

4. Cut, Split or Join

Playing with video files becomes easy with Movavi video editor. Whatever you want to do just do it. Cut or delete  the portion that you don’t need on your video. You can even join different clips smoothly to give the viewer a continuous feeling.

5. Make it audioble

A video without audio is like an Indian food without salt. So finishing touch of your video editing will be adding some background music or a typical song that suits with video or some instrumental music that you like. You can play the music with realtime playback option in Movavi video editor.

6. Supports any format:

Movavi Video editor supports most popular video formats so that you can import all types of video and edit them. Heres its not end you can also import video from DVD disc or DV/HVD camera footage.

After making the complete video you can save the video file in most popular video format like AVI, MP4, MKV, FLV etc. This gives you a flexiblity to play in divice from portable device to TV or PC. Also its makes easy to upload the video in YouTube, Facebook or other social media site.

7.  Make it 3D

If you are interested to make a 3D video then you can also do that with Movavi Video editor’s 3D video option.


So if you are one of those people who love to shoot video or if you need a simple and easy video editing software for your Windows PC then Movavi Video editor is the best option for you. Still now its support only Windows PC , but good news is it also support Windows 8 from Windows XP. So just go and grab it and add some colors on your video.


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