Must-have Accessories For Your Smartphone

This is the generation of Smartphone. Everyone is getting smartphone to be smart, make their lifestyle more smart and easy. This is not new as technology always doing this. But as I say Smartphone does not make you smart, the way you are using it makes you smart. So you need to know the proper way to make your daily life more flexible and if you have a smartphone then you need some sort of thing to enrich your mobile life experience. I am going to tell you the most essential smartphone accessories that you



Must-have Accessories For Your Smartphone

1. Screen Protector/Tempered Glass

Screen or display is the most vital part of your Smartphone as always you look at it. So you need to keep it scratch and crack free. Sometimes a good screen protector makes more responsive. In market there two types of screen guard. First one is normal or so called HD screen protector! Second one is an anti reflection or matt type. But these are not much clearer than the normal one.

If you want something more than screen protector then I will suggest you to invest some money on tempered glass. These are screen guard made of hard glass plate and quite thicker than screen protector.  But the beauty of tempered glass is it protects your display from breakage or crack in case its fall.

Here I want to mention that Gorilla Glass are scratch free not break free. So its better to use Tempered glass to keep your smartphone LCD display safe.

2. Flip Cover/ Back Cover

You have protected your smartphone display now you need some case to protect your precious smartphone from impact. Flip cover or back cover are both nice, whatever you feel easy just pick up one. Flip cover is nice as it protects the whole phone including the front part or display. But if you have installed tempered glass, then back cover is enough for you. And back cover is more handy than flip cover. Chose wisely!

3. Memory Card

If your internal memory is not that much then you need an external memory card. Now what should be the size of external memory card to buy? It depends on you and your phone. If you love watching HD video on your phone or capturing photo with your 8MP or 13MP camera then you need a big size. It’s convenient to buy the external memory card 8GB or above.

You also need to check the class of an external card before buying, try to buy class 10 or class 6. Class 10 memory card is much faster to read and write than class 6.

4. Power Bank /Car Charger

Whether its iPhone or Android, smartphone consumes battery too much! Especially when you are browsing internet on 3G/4G, even you are playing HD games on your smartphone. So it’s very convenient to carry a Power bank if you are travelling or not. In online market, you can buy some great Power bank with high capacity at cheap price.



If you travel via car, then you must need a Car Charger, by which you can charge your smartphone as like you charge in your home.

5. OTG Cable

OTG or One the Go cable is very useful for smartphone if you want to access your USB Pen Drive/Flash Drive from your smartphone. You can copy data from Pen drive to phone to pendrive via OTG cable. Using OTG cable you can also connect a USB mouse or external keyboard if your device support.


Hope you have got the rough idea what to buy after purchasing a smartphone. If you something else or unique accessories then give your valuable comment.

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