NCERT Books For IAS Exam Preparation

The Government jobs hold the reputation of being one of the most reputed jobs in the Indian society based on social circumstances apart from the range of income. The union Public Service commission will be conducting civil service preliminary exam in the month of June 18, 2017. You need to take care of the sources or the textbooks based on latest UPSC Syllabus required while preparing for IAS exam which holds the image of being one of the toughest exams to crack.

NCERT books are the most referred and preferred books among all other publications to prepare for IAS exam. There has been many queries regarding which class NCERT books do I need to prepare, either class 11th or class 12th.

The page resolves all your issues by compiling a list of recommended NCERT Books subject wise for IAS exam preparation.

Geography NCERT Books

Class 8: Resource and Development

Class 9: Contemporary India Part-I

Class 10: Contemporary India Part-II

Class 10: Geography of India (Old)

Class 11: Fundamentals of Physical Geography

Class 11: Indian Physical Environment

Class 12: Fundamentals of Human Geography

Class 12: India – People and Economy

History NCERT Books

Class 9: Story of Civilization Part I (Old)

Class 10: Story of Civilization Part II (Old)

Class 11: Medieval India (Old)

Class 11: Ancient India (Old)

Class 12: Modern India (Old)

Class 12: Themes in Indian History Part-I

Class 12: Themes in Indian History Part-II

Class 12: Themes in Indian History Part-III

Indian Polity

Class 9: Democratic Politics Part-I

Class 10: Democratic Politics Part-II

Class 11: Indian Constitution at Work

Class 12: Politics in India since Independence

Class 12: Contemporary World Politics

Indian Economy

Class 9: Economics

Class 10: Understanding Economic Development

Class 11: Indian Economic Development


Class 9: Science

Class 10: Science

Here are some of the major reasons to why one should pick texts from NCERT book while preparing for IAS exam.

Authenticity NCERT books are written by experts only after extensive research on every topic. The information is well compiled and there are minimum chances that you skip any important point from any concept.

Clear and Strong Basics NCERT books cover every fundamental of all the topics. The student gets all the theories and concepts clear since the language and style of explanation used is very familiar and student friendly.

Standard Questions You get standard and most frequently asked questions from every unit. Although there are many sources of question banks, NCERT books are designed effectively to shadow the syllabus for IAS exam.

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NCERT Books For IAS Exam Preparation
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