Need Free Antivirus? Try Kaspersky Security Cloud Free

Something is always better than nothing. So if you are looking for a free antivirus that is reliable then Kaspersky is the best name. Kaspersky Antivirus and Internet Security always have been a favourite choice for paid antivirus due to it’s performance in independent Antivirus test results. Even Kaspersky Internet Security ranks 1 in Top 10 antivirus list of 2019. But if you are looking for a free one then Kaspersky has launched another free antivirus name Kaspersky Security Cloud Free after Kaspersky Antivirus Free.

Kaspersky Security Cloud Free comes with patented adaptive technology which is cloud-based. Though your free version of Kaspersky Security Cloud does not have adaptive technology. It just comes with basic virus protection. “It knows when to when to alert you, when to warn you and when to step in to block direct threats. And because it’s always on, it protects you round the clock”- according to Kaspersky Lab. 

There are three versions of Kaspersky Security Cloud. First one is the free Kaspersky Security Cloud with only virus protection. Other two are paid name Personal and Family with adaptive technology as well as other features.

As per business strategy giving the basic version for free is a nice idea to promote the other two paid product. In my personal opinion, you should use genuine antivirus not pirated. If you can’t afford genuine antivirus then try these free antivirus and Kaspersky Security Cloud is a great option for you. So if your PC does not have any antivirus then go and download this free Kaspersky Security Cloud now.

Download Kaspersky Security Cloud Free

Need Free Antivirus? Try Kaspersky Security Cloud Free
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