Nokia Launches Nokia X Software Platform OS Based Phone Supporting Android Apps

The rumor, which starts with Normandy project finally ends with Nokia X Family. Toady Nokia officially introduces a new series of Smartphone have a new OS Nokia X Software Platform which can run any Android app. Yea cross platform. When the first leaked images coming on internet everyone was thinking Nokia going to launch Android phone. And some people still think Nokia should launch Android phone very early. But we don’t even expect that Nokia will surprise us with three new X series Smartphone Nokia X, X+ and XL. These three are the first member of Nokia X family. Having a good range of price with awesome hardware specification with cloud support.

Nokia X Software Platform OS

But what is a Nokia X Series Phone?

The nokia X series phone is a hybrid type phone which looks like an Asha series phone and having a new OS Nokia X Software Platform 1.0. It comes with 4inch IPS capacitive touch screen, 512MB RAM with 3 MP camera. This is an entry level phone. Though in Nokia X+ you will find 768 MB RAM with 4GB Micro SD card in the box. If you want to try higher than in Nokia XL you will get a 5 inch IPS capacitive display with 2 MP front camera and 5MP rare camera with autofocus and flash support. All these three phone Nokia X, X+ and XL come with 4 vibrant colors.

# Are Nokia X series phones being Android OS based Phone?

No! Its not Android phone!

# So Which OS in running on Nokia X Phone?

The Nokia X Family phone is based on Nokia X Software Platform OS. It’s a new OS developed by Nokia on the Android open source project. That’s why Nokia X Family phones are able to run Android Apps.

# Does Nokia X Phone have a Google Play Store to download Android App?

No! It does not have a Google Play Store. You can download Android apps from Nokia Store or third party app store.

# Why Nokia X Phones look like Lumia?

Nokia X Family Phones are based on Nokia X Software Platform, OS, which looks somehow same as Lumia Windows phone. Like Lumia you have a tile on your home screen.

# Does Nokia X Family phones supports other Apps except Android?

Nokia X Family Phones not only supports  Android apps, but also support other apps from Nokia and Microsoft. Like Nokia’s Nokia MixRadio and Here Map. And some awesome Microsoft services like OneDrive (New Name of SkyDrive) Skype and etc.

# Is Nokia X Software Platform OS updateable?

Yes! You can update via FOTA or Firmware Over-the-Air

 # Is Nokia X Software Platform OS based on Android?

According to Wikipedia Nokia X Family phones running Nokia X Software Platform OS are modified Android kitkat 4.4.1.

So its very unique and Xrtaordinary move from Nokia by launching Nokia X Family phone. Yea its XTRAORDINARILY  and XCELLENT. Its Nokia X. Stay tuned for more info about Nokia X.

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Nokia Launches Nokia X Software Platform OS based Phone Supporting Android Apps

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