How To Play Android Games On Windows PC & Mac

Android platform changes all the things. It changes our life style. Now its also become one of the major platform of gaming. Normally I play games on my PC as I am a Game lover. But  I miss some games which are in Android not in my PC. Like clash of Cans. As played this type online game on the phone or tab just ruin your device’s battery. So I was always thinking how to play Android game for Windows PC.


You may answer Bluestak is the answer. I will tell you your answer is half right and half wrong. As Bluestack is really cool software to run Android apps on your PC. But there was some shortcoming on it. Finally, I got an awesome software to play Android games and app on Windows PC and Mac also.

Andy is the new name in this list. Why its so special? Its special as its totally free and much features than Blutacks. The best thing about Andy or Andy is it supports Mac OS X mean you can enjoy the Android game on your Apple Mac.

Android game on PC Mac

You can use your Android phone as a gamepad or a game controller to play the game. It works best if the game sensor gaming then it will use phones gyroscope or accelerometers gyroscope or accelerometer etc.

Basically Andy is the best thing that you need to play Android games on your Windows PC or Mac.

Free download Andy here


How To Play Android Games On Windows PC & Mac
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