PlayOnLinux : Install & Play Windows Game On Linux

If you have a Linux computer and want to play Windows game then then you can try this software named PlayOnLinux. If you are a softcore gamer then its nice otherwise shift to Windows. PlayOnLinux is software designed to Linux to run Windows Games or apps. PlayOnLinux is based in Wine , which is also used to install Windows game or software. PlayOnLinux is free so you should try it if you are thinking to play some game on your Linux computer.

So How To Install & Play Windows Game On Linux Using PlayOnLinux

1.Download and Install PlayOnLinux frrom here
2.Open PlayOnLinux By typing “playonlinux” in terminal
3.To Install new game click on Install

4.Now select the game or application that you want to install then click apply

5.Alter clicking apply it will install , and this time it may ask to download file of ask for CD-ROM depending on Game. So just follow as says.
6.When the installation complete  you can run the game by selecting the game then click Run

7.You can also remove the game by selecting Remove. 

So use PlayOnLinux to play Windows Game on Linux.

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