Pornhub has launched its own VPN Service: VPNhub

After the Facebook–Cambridge Analytica data scandal everybody suddenly becomes concern about their online privacy. And when its comes to online privacy the first things strike on mind is VPN. VPN or Virtual private network is the service or tool that hides your real appearance in internet highway. But the maximum VPN service is paid and here people lose interest to invest money in privacy. Recently Opera VPN has closed their free VPN service for smartphones. Here the porn industry giant has launched free VPN service name VPNhub. VPNhub the free VPN service for watching porn or whatever you want.


According to Pornhub, they want their viewers to watch porn privately and this makes sense as there are some countries where govt regulate adult online content. So have a look whats inside the VPNhub.

VPNhub provides you free unlimited VPN service and its only for mobile users Android and iOS devices. If you are a desktop user Windows and Mac OS then you need to purchase the premium subscription. In premium subscription, you can choose servers from different countries where in the free subscription you are bound to choose US servers.

VPNhub is available in maximum countries across the world except for Burma/Myanmar, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria, due to the ban imposed by the U.S. government. So if you are not from these countries then its a good and reliable VPN service that you are getting for free.

If you want more then you can grab the premium one with 7 days free trial.

Pornhub has launched its own VPN Service: VPNhub
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