The Secret behind Clash of Clans Popularity

Clash of Clans has over the years built up a well-respected fan base. There are millions of people who spend their time playing Clash of Clans. There must be a reason why they would play this game for so long. Most gamers are taken in by their friends who recommend the game to them owing to the game’s popularity. Being a mass on-line multiplayer game is what makes Clash of Clans so popular. Imagine if it wasn’t a multiplayer game. What percentage of you’d still be in favour of playing it? Its undying popularity lies upon the premise of it being a multiplayer game. The sporting ground becomes the meeting place of game lovers from all around the globe.

Secret behind Clash of Clans
It becomes a sanctuary for one to flee away from the monotony of the real world and savour the fairyland of battles in Clash of Clans. If one was battling against programmed troops, one would get bored extraordinarily quickly.
According to the actual facts of Clash of Clans is that all the players control their troops is what makes it fabulous and exciting. The human mind thinks completely different and therefore moves cannot forever be foretold.
The gameplay strategy of Clash of Clans is attractive and attracts a large numbers of players from all around the world. Most of the gamers get so caught up in the world of Clash of Clans that it becomes their real and entertaining world. While many have claimed that Clash of Clans resembles popular games like Age of Empires and Starcraft, most people after playing the game really notice how it actually combines the benefits of both those games.
Clash of Clans is a Real-Time Strategy Game (RTS) which brings a new aspect to the genre.
This game is one of the unique RTS games available on the Google Play store and on the Apple Store. This rare and one of a kind game attracts several gamers and has gained a tonne of popularity over time.
Did you know that Clash of Clans isn’t a paid game? It’s actually free. Well, or at least for the most part it appears to be. So is it really free-to-play? Well, it can easily be downloaded either on Android or iOS without paying any money. While this game appears to be free it does have some in-app purchases.
Well, if it didn’t, how would Supercell earn their money?
To ensure that a game becomes popular, a gaming company must have a strategy to earn revenue. Clash of Clans might be free to download and play but certain in-app purchases may make sense after playing the game for a while. This is how Supercell will lure gamers into investing in their game. What makes things even more attractive is that some of the in-app purchases are less than $5.
Who wouldn’t purchase gems at that price? Do you know how integral gems are? They help you save valuable time and effort which goes in acquiring free gems on the completion of specific missions and tasks. Ever heard of a freemium? Supercell has strategically sold a game as a free-to-play one, knowing that gamers will get caught up in the moment and ultimately make in-app purchases. Well, this is exactly what boosted the ranking and made it popular to begin with. You can also collect free clash of clan gems from!Clash-of-Clans-Wallpaper
What we all love about the game is the nerve-wracking technique which goes into playing the game. The thrill of defending your village while trying to defend as well as attack the enemy base makes it an action packed sequence which keeps you glued to your mobile devices. A major benefit is that the game is made available for two of the biggest mobile software platforms, Android and iOS. What about PC gamers? While there isn’t a PC version of the game, it can be played via several Android emulators. Since it’s available on the PC as well even though through unconventional means, it makes the game more known and thus more popular.
This game is also popular owing to the fact that your saved games are uploaded to the Clash of Clans server. This means you can put your phone or tablet away and still have the benefit of arriving at the same point in the game even after a very long time. Even if you’re out, you could catch a sneak peek of how things are progressing in the game by simply opening up the application.
Does one ever get bored of Clash of Clans? I guess not!
Proof of this is the millions of players who are online still immensely engrossed in this fun-filled game. Clash of Clans is one game which you can keep coming back to. The game has re-playability which is why people always come back to it. The replay value is why this game has thrived so much and become extremely popular among the masses.
Supercell has succeeded in making this one of the most popular games of all time!

The Secret behind Clash of Clans Popularity
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