Spotify has launched in India: Better than Gaana or Amazon Music?

There was a time when we used to download music mp3 files from Songs dot pk site. But if you ask someone to play some music then there is a big probability that he will play that song from Gaana. Yes, Gaana is Indian iTune. But the craze over iTune has gone in western counties. Spotify is the new sensation to listen to music and finally, Spotify has launched in India. You don’t need to be paid user to listen to songs through Spotify. But here is a catch-does Spotify gives better value for money in terms of the music library and music quality. As in India we already have Gaana and Amazon Music.


First of all Spotify is DRM protected audio or music streaming platform available for  Windows, macOS and Linux. In terms of mobile or tab device Spotify app available in iOS, Android and Windows Phones. If you know about Gaana then Spotify is the same. But till date, Spotify was not available in India. People used to download the Spotify apk from third-party website and purchase the monthly or yearly subscription to listen to music.

Music Library:

Like Gaana and Amazon Music, Spotify India offers freemium service. Mean the basic feature like listening to music is free with advertisements or automatic music videos, while additional features, such as improved streaming quality 320kbps or music download to listen offline, are offered via paid subscriptions. If you compare with Gaana, Spotify offers a huge database in terms of all over the world music library. Mean if you are a foreign music lover the Spotify is way more good than Gaana. Its very genuine that Gaana offers a vast music library for Indian people whether Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi or Bengali so on. But in recent time Spotify has improved its Indian database. Mean you can easily find your Hindi or Bengali Song on Spotify. So long so on Amazon Music has a good music library collection whether Indian regional songs or international music.

User Interface:

Both Gaana and Spotify has a minimalistic user interface. But Spotify has a cool green one. It is easy to use and easy to search for any music.  Spotify UI reminds me of the Windows 8 Metro UI. Where Amazon Music UI is unhealthy. The blue bar to force you to purchase Prime subscription is pretty awkward in the home screen.

Price of subscription:

Last but not least. Pricing. You can listen to free music through Gaana, Amazon Music or Spotify. But if you are a music freak you would not like to listen to the unnecessary advertisement that will suddenly bump out from your headphone while you are listening to some soft music. Here is the Subscription chart


Music Streamer MONTHLY (₹ ) YEARLY (₹)
Spotify 119 1189
Apple Music 120 NA
Gaana 99 499
Amazon Music 129 999

In terms of price, Gaana is very cheap for a yearly package where Amazon Music is the best deal as it comes with Amazon Prime subscription where you can also enjoy TV or Web series as well as shopping.

Maybe Spotify offers better UI and a vast music library but for Indian market price is not comfortable. Where Gaan offers the same thing. But if you are a hardcore listener of international English music then Spotify is a better option. Afterall I would suggest trying then purchase the subscription. Else if you a free music listener like me the Spotify is the app you need to keep in the home screen of your phone.

Download Spotify from Google Play

Spotify has launched in India, Comparison with Gaana or Amazon Music

Spotify has launched in India: Better than Gaana or Amazon Music?
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