How To Stop Visual Hacking Using 3M ePrivacy Filter

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of 3M for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

How many times has it happened that when you are working on your Laptop or PC in the office or home and you notice that someone is watching your Laptop or PC monitor and seeing whatever you are doing standing just behind you. For me its happened many times. And its very ridiculous that there is not privacy on whatever you are doing on your Laptop. The work you are doing in the office may be very confidential for you and you don’t want to leak it. Not only in the office, but if you are at home and you are chatting with your girlfriend or boyfriend at that time and your mom or dad come in.

So how you will stop someone spoofing your PC monitor in these types of scenario?

Here I have a good solution for you. Now you can stop someone spoofing your laptop or desktop screen. All you need to do is just install a software called 3M ePrivacy Filter. 3M ePrivacy Filter software is a very good way to maintain your privacy.

3M ePrivacy software has a unique feature which uses your laptop or desktop’s webcam and tracks who ever is watching the monitor. As 3M ePrivacy Filter has an inbuilt face recognition system which easily identifies the user’s face. So first you have to setup with your photo that you are the owner of that PC. When its done 3M ePrivacy Filter will start its job.

With this functionality if you look anywhere else or just leave your PC for a minutes then it just automatically blurs the monitor screen of your PC so that nobody can get any information whatever you doing on your PC.

Thats not the end. The great feature of this 3M ePrivacy Filter software is that if someone tries to look at your monitor screen then it takes a snap of the intruder and pops it up on your screen so that you get alerted to who is looking at your PC just behind you.

If you still think your privacy is compromised then cover up your laptop screen with 3M™ Privacy Filter (physical filter). This will give you true 180 degree visual privacy. And setting up  this physical filter on your laptop is very easy, so you don’t need a technician for that.

So go ahead and download the trial version of 3M ePrivacy Filter software to give it a try and stop visual hacking. Still now 3M ePrivacy is only available on Windows OS platform. To use this software your PC must have a working webcam.  Download a 30-day free trial of 3M™ ePrivacy Filter Software Code: (VX7J-3CVJ-AyW2-X4PQ)

Still if you have any doubts or questions then you can comment here or you can Learn more about 3M™ ePrivacy Filter Software  here.

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