The Technology that Makes Audi So Desirable

In today’s day and age, technology has become a hugely important part of the automotive industry. In-car technology has come on leaps and bounds and it is now one of the key components that motorists look at when shopping for a new car. The latest and best tech can greatly enhance the ownership experience by improving factors like safety, entertainment and performance.

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One brand which is paving the way when it comes to in-car technology is Audi. Audi has always incorporated technology into their cars seamlessly, but they have taken this to the next level and it is now a component that makes their vehicles some of the most sought after in the entire world.

One of the main areas that Audi has addressed which have made their range particularly appealing is safety technology. Many of their models now come with impressive features like Adaptive cruise control, Side assists and Parking assist – these appeal to a wide range of motorists and particularly those that are not confident drivers.

Head-up Display
In addition to safety, the Head-up display has proven to be a hugely popular feature and one which greatly enhances the driver’s experience behind the wheel. This clever feature projects important information onto the windshield so that it can easily be seen by the driver without taking their eyes off the road. This information can include speed, navigation directions and much more.

The Audi Phonebox is another great feature which is appealing to modern day motorists as it enables them to safely (and legally) use their phone in the car. By placing a smartphone in the compartment in the center console, a wireless connection is created to the roof antennae which boosts the mobile signal and allows the phone to be used via the MMI control panel, voice control or the multi-function steering wheel.

These are just a few of the amazing technologies that can be found in a wide range of models, including the popular A4. Fortunately, this means that you do not have to spend a fortune to experience this technology and particularly when you shop at reputable used car dealerships like AA Cars.

Technology has become an enormous part of motoring in recent years and this only looks set to continue. Respected German manufacturer Audi is leading the way in car technology with some truly amazing systems and features that can greatly improve the experience as an owner.

The Technology that Makes Audi So Desirable
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